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Some have asked how Iā€™m attaching the pieces of my #3Dprinted dress together: Iā€™m using my 3D pen! I cut the seam allowance (SA) off one edge, tape it in place over the SA of the edge I want to connect it to, flip over, and weld the SA to the back of the print with my 3D pen


Helping a hand as robot doctor šŸ™‚
#ezrobot Hope it is going to be a fantastic AI theatre #Improbotics that will premiere in Belgium next week! @_ERLNMYR
Gotta Love Twitter too. Connecting new people and solutions with problems. Nice to meet you Ben šŸ™‚


Our monthly newsletter is out, with discounts for @iottechexpo @CodemoAmsterdam and @GOTOamst šŸ„³šŸ„³ #IoT #AI #Embedded #developers

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